Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I don't care who it is. If it's a phone call from your bestie, partner, over dinner, or while having tea. Rebuke the negative energy. If you do not cut it off in the first 5 minutes I can guarantee you it will turn into a quick dark cloud. Before you know it you'll be cussing and getting mad about some shit that means nothing to you. And guess what? You get NOTHING! NOTHING! no burned calories, no sweat! Negative energy takes you off your path and will have you in the end 3 hours later wondering what the hell just happened...The day is gone and that wasn't even your intention in the first place. You pick up the phone with a hello or hey girl..Yeah that quickly should turn
into HELL NO! Don't get involved in it your mind space is to important for it! Negative energy will take away from your inner light and change your entire thought process. Remember what you think you will manifest.... immediately in this case. #havenoproblemswithgivingyouatimelimit #speakpeace #icantjoinyourmadness #unapoligetically #Peace out!

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